Monday, January 21, 2013

Ikimasho (let's go) Day 1 in Osaka

Leaders from St. Kate's had an exciting 1st Day in Osaka, Japan! With our fearless leader, Dr. Martha Hardesty, Lauren (resident director at Osaka Gaukin University), we focused on understanding cultural differences and many logistical components. It was the later lesson that proved to be the most important.

This evening, the group ventured into downtown Osaka for a traditional Japanese meal, with a modern twist. This was our first experience taking multiple train lines. Just as we were about to step onto the last train, we took role call and realized that we'd lost Martha and a peer! As leaders, we knew just what to do...send out a search party. With a little bit of luck, soon the group was reunited and we affirmed our need to keep our buddy system.We enjoyed a fabulous 8 course meal; your mouth will water looking at the food photos!

After our 3-hours of fine dining, wonderful camaraderie and discussing the excitement of seeing deer in Nara, we ventured back to the train. Perhaps it was the rain, too much tea, or jet lag, but as we approached the train, once again our buddy system had failed. Where was Pana? We'd left her at the restaurant! A half hour hour later, our search party had successfully returned with a distraught, yet relieved friend. Our buddy system was revised and we safely returned to our homes in Japan.

Tune in tomorrow for the further adventures of MAOL in Japan!

1) Orientation in the AM, led by Lauren
2) Orientation in the AM
3) Passing time, waiting for Martha's and Mimi's recovery
4) A very relieved Pana!

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  1. I love your title-'Let's go!'. In any language that's my favorite thing to do! I see by your daily schedules that you will be doing plenty of ikimasho!